Power Forward:政府目前大力支持电力电子设备,以拯救地球的能源


Power Forward:政府目前大力支持电力电子设备,以拯救地球的能源

In the December 2015 EDN Power Forward blog post, Mark Adams, Senior VP at CUI continues the discussion on the coming Level VI regulations and government’s role in energy efficiency savings.

The article begins, “After a long time in the shadow of the microprocessor and memory-chip businesses, it’s taken the sustained buzz around industries such as electric vehicles and renewable energy to bring the value of power electronics to the attention of the people at the top.But the US government’s launch of a $10 million fund for graduate-level education in power electronics is an indication that finally the powers that be understand the crucial role for advanced power technology in achieving the savings in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions deemed necessary to ensure our survival on the planet.”

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