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Diverse line of compact thermoelectric coolers from 10 ~ 70 mm

CUI's Thermoelectric Coolers Feature Long Life and Precise Temperature Control

CUI’s Peltier thermoelectric cooling (TEC) devices are ideally suited for high density, high power applications as well as refrigeration and sealed environments where forced air cooling is not an option.Several high performance Peltier modules are also offered with CUI’s arcTEC™ structure, which delivers longer thermal cycle life and improved thermal performance.


  • Packages from 10~70 mm
  • Profiles as low as 3 mm
  • Current ratings from 0.8 to 15 A
  • Wide ΔTmax of 77°C (Th=50°C)
  • Solder melting point up to 235°C
  • Models with arcTEC™ structure available

When you choose a CUI Peltier module, you receive:





You can rely on us to keep your design in conformity with material compliance standards, including RoHS and REACH.
AMT Viewpoint™

Quality Assurance

CUI’s proven Peltier devices are designed with high quality materials and meet a range of stringent application requirements.

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