CUI’s AMT31 modular commutation encoder series has been announced as a finalist for the 2015 ACE Awards presented by EE Times and EDN.AMT31入围无源元件、互连器件和机电元件产品类别,该类别表彰了过去十二个月中推出的最具影响力的电子元件和产品。年度ACE奖旨在表彰当今电子产品行业中的佼佼者,包括最热销的新产品、创业公司、设计团队和高管等。

CUI’s AMT31 encoder offers the best of both worlds as a rugged, high accuracy solution for a range of applications.由于AMT系列采用创新设计,因此不易受到灰尘、污垢和油脂等在工业环境中经常破坏编码器的污染物影响。AMT的设计也简化了装配过程,将安装和校准任务所花费的时间缩减至数秒。Combined with an operating temperature range up to -40°C to 125°C, high accuracy, a compact package, and low current draw, the AMT provides a compelling solution for motion control applications without the need to compromise.

The winners in each award category will be announced at the 2015 ACE Awards ceremony held at the Santa Clara Convention Center on 2015年7月21日 in conjunction with the Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley.

Additional information about the 2015 ACE Awards can be found here.


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