CUI Inc has introduced its second generation of low power, board mount dc-dc converters with improved efficiency, isolation, and thermal performance compared to existing products. The unregulated dc-dc modules are available in 1 W and 2 W configurations, featuring 1.5 kVdc isolation and anti-static protection up to 8 kVdc. The PDS and PES series are designed with an ultra-wide operating temperature range of -40~105°C, offering a rugged and reliable solution for converting and/or isolating dc rails within a range of industrial, telecom, security, and machine control applications.

The PDS and PES families are housed in compact, industry standard SIP, DIP, and SMT packages. Providing nominal inputs of 3.3, 5, 12, 15, and 24 Vdc and a range of single and dual output voltage configurations, the dc-dc converters are highly efficient, offering efficiencies as high as 89% in the 2 W models. To further enhance the series’ performance across the entire load curve, the modules have been designed to greatly reduce power draw under light and no load conditions. The new family of dc-dc converters also comes standard with continuous short circuit protection, providing an additional layer of protection for sensitive loads.

The PDS and PES series are available immediately with prices starting at $3.81 per unit for 500 pieces. 请联络CUI了解OEM定价。

产品名称:PDS series, PES series
Target Markets: Industrial, telecom, security applications
主要特性:Wide temperature range, high efficiency
成本:Starting at $3.81 per unit for 500 pieces

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