Power Forward:数字电源的下一个增长区域是什么?


Power Forward:数字电源的下一个增长区域是什么?

CUI’s latest Power Forward blog post addresses the question “What are the next growth areas for digital power?”在这篇文章中,Mark Adams参考了最近更新的IHS数字电源报告,并强调了行业中仍存在的错误概念。

The post begins, “It's widely acknowledged that digital power has been almost exclusively used by OEMs developing IT and communications infrastructure - indeed, servers are the largest single market for digital power, accounting for an expected 33 percent of market revenue in 2013.

Because growth has historically originated from this one sector, digital power device manufacturers have catered their technology and design infrastructure specifically to this market, at the expense of mass market adoption.

“Digital power benefits virtually all applications, but it hasn’t been clear when it would make the move from a niche technology to the mass market…”

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