Power Forward:流言终结者—数字电源模块和模拟电源模块哪个更便宜?


Power Forward:流言终结者—数字电源模块和模拟电源模块哪个更便宜?

CUI’s latest Power Forward blog post on EDN's website addresses the misconception that “digital power is expensive.”The article begins, ” Digital power is arguably one of the most important technology evolutions to emerge in recent years.It provides real-time, precisely optimized power conversion utilizing advanced algorithms, greater design flexibility, and the ability to use power saving features to cut overall consumption in the system."

"Thanks to its advantages, digital power is becoming widely adopted for telecom and networking systems, which draw lots of power and features sophisticated/ complicated power management structures.In fact, a study released by IHS titled The World Market for Digital Power sees the market growing from $2.7 billion in 2012 to $12.4 billion in 2017 driven largely by the datacom and telecom markets."

"But an interesting misconception was uncovered in the survey of manufacturers used to construct the IHS study.A total of 27% of manufacturers and designers indicated that cost is still a major barrier in adopting digital power.IHS states that "this highlights a lack of knowledge…regarding the overall cost savings that digital solutions can provide."

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