Power Forward:我们是否需要回顾数据表单中的营销宣传?


Power Forward:我们是否需要回顾数据表单中的营销宣传?

CUI在最新的Power Forward博客文章中谈及在电源广告中使用“择优挑选”数据表的行业做法,以及一些制造商正在努力作出改变。

The article begins, "I don’t think I’m generalizing when I say that engineers prize function over style and want accurate information without attempts to massage the data.This is why the datasheet continues to be the primary source of technical information."

"However, I think that often times we place too much emphasis on the peak performance numbers quoted on the data sheet as the primary source for evaluating competing solutions without truly understanding how various application-specific parameters will affect performance."

"It’s true that manufacturers sometimes “cherry pick” the figures used to put their product in the best light.One of the best examples of this comes from Class-D audio power amplifiers, where manufacturers have tended to quote efficiency percentage figures in the high 90s… but this efficiency is only delivered when the amp is turned up to 11 (to quote Spinal Tap) and under real world usage, which is significantly below this volume level, efficiency drops to single digit efficiency percentage points."

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