Power Forward:Digital Power Advances in 2013


Power Forward:Digital Power Advances in 2013

CUI’s Senior Vice President, Mark Adams, has partnered with EDN magazine on a new blog series.“Power Forward” will present forward looking thoughts on today's cutting edge power technologies from across the industry.

The post begins, "Digital power is in the early adoption phase with growth coming from the computing, storage, networking and telecom markets, but benefits aren’t necessarily limited to these applications.

"Engineers everywhere are fighting the same battles of space, efficiency, price, and time to market.  Digital power has the potential to help on each of these fronts.

"But while many of the companies classified as early adopters of digital power have the major infrastructure and engineering resources to make the transition from analog to a fully digital power system, the next wave of adopters may not have these resources at their disposal..."

Read the first entry in its entirety “Power Forward:Digital Power Advances in 2013” on edn.com
You will be able to find future “Power Forward” posts here

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