Paultre谈电源:Mark Adams谈新AMP联盟(播客)


Paultre谈电源:Mark Adams谈新AMP联盟(播客)

Alix Paultre of Power Systems Design spoke with Mark Adams, Senior Vice President at CUI, about the formation of Architects of Modern Power and the impact this new consortium will have on the advanced power industry.

From the Power Systems Design website:

"In this podcast Mark Adams of CUI talks to Alix Paultre of Power Systems Design wearing the hat of spokesman for the new "Architects of Modern Power" (AMP) consortium.创始人为CUI、爱立信电源模块和村田 — 分布式电源架构先进功率转换技术开发方面的世界领先企业。The aim of the alliance is to create the most technically advanced, end-to-end distributed power solutions – a complete ecosystem of hardware, software and support."

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